Our Round up for May

With the main event of the month being the Chelsea Flower Show we had a lot of work during May. To make sure you didn't miss any of it, I thought it would be a great idea to show you the highlights of the last month for June in March.

Chelsea Flower Show

This year we had the honour of working with St Germain on their stall for the Chelsea Flower Show. The feedback we had left us awestruck and excited about the new connections we've made and projects we've been asked to collaborate on since. It was also such an amazing experience to see via instagram how everyone was enjoying our flower truck! 

Photo Credit reading left to right; @georgianlondon @gladwellsart @prettycitylondon @notesbyastylist

St Germain at Bar Swift 

A few days later we were at it again with St Germain but this time in Soho on Old Compton Street. We were so excited to be collaborating with Swift on this project. If you have yet to try out one of their whiskies or their Sgroppino cocktail on a hot summers day, make sure you do it soon! We also worked with the talented guys at Pollen Crew, who worked alongside us all day on this!

Photo Credit left to right; @belleofbrunch @madamestgermain

Installation at The Mandrake

To celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show, I was asked by The Mandrake to create an installation in their beautiful courtyard and terrace area of their Fitzrovia location. This was a massive project that I couldn't have done without my team as well as Pollen Crew. It will be up for another week and a half so make sure to go check it out and tag us if you post any photos, I love seeing everyone's different take on it! Make sure to go during the day though, the terrace is closed to the public after 4pm!

June In March - Mandrake-5.jpg
 Photo Credit  Ariana Ruth

Photo Credit Ariana Ruth

We'll have another post coming next month to show you some of the highlights you may have missed on Instagram. We are always up for collaborating on fun projects, you can reach out by emailing me or sending a message through via Instagram. See you next month!